Electromagentic Induction profile on a burial mount at the Uzun-Rama plateau

EMI conductivity data measured with the CMD Miniexplorer in the kurgan (burial mount) area on the Uzun-Rama plateau in central Azerbaijan. These mounts  were constructed and used from the mid-4th to 1st millennium BC. For details of the site, see \cite{Laneri2019}.

Laneri(2019). Jalilov B. Crescioli L. Guarducci G. Kneisel J. Poulmarc’H M. Ricci A. Valentini S.
Laneri, N. GaRKAP 2018: The first season of the Azero-Italian Ganja Region Kurgan Archae-
ological Project in Western Azerbaijan. Ancient Near Eastern Studies , December 2019. URL


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