1. The repository can be used for publishing by all members of the university without prior registration. It accepts research data which qualifies for a DOI and is intended for permanent general publication.

2. This is a place for FAIR data. Please submit only Open Data publications that contain a full dataset with an open license for public download.

3. In the context of this repository, research data means machine-readable data that other scientists can use as material for their own research. Text publications (articles, posters, ...), media with lecture character and empty "metadata-only" publications are out of scope.

4. Your uploaded data will be permanently stored in the repository - even after you depart from the university. It will not be automatically depublished or deleted after a certain number of years.

5. Big files should be compressed before uploading them, if this makes them significantly smaller. This is also good practice when you publish many small files at once.

6. You should only use file formats that are suited to long-term archiving. Avoid proprietary file formats. Do not upload encrypted files.

7. The maximum size of a publication is currently 5 GB. Contact us via e-mail to discuss bigger uploads. Please use the repository's resources thoughtfully.

8. Only publish legal content to which you own all required rights.

9. Publication with a DOI is permanent: Neither data nor metadata should be changed after publishing.

10. Carefully read the full terms of service before publishing.