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Profiledata electromagnetic induction (EMI) Mesolithic site Lüchow

Electromagnetic induction data recorded with a GF-Instruments CMD Explorer device in HCP mode, carried at about 1.2m height. Positioning was done using a Stonex S9i RTK-GNSS GPS device.

Measuredat the edge of a preboreal lake site at Duvensee (see e.g. Corradini 2020). The site is at the western sandy-loamy shore of the former Duvensee lake. The lake itself today is silted up mainly with peat and gyttja layers.


Corradini(2020). Dreibrodt S. Erkul E. Groß D. L ̈ubke H. Panning D. Pickartz N. Thorwart M. V ̈ott
A. Willersh ̈auser T. Wilken D. Wunderlich T. Zanon M. Rabbel W. Corradini, E. Understanding
wetlands stratigraphy: Geophysics and soil parameters for investigating ancient basin development
at lake duvensee. Geosciences, 10(8), 2020. ISSN 2076-3263. doi: 10.3390/geosciences10080314.
URL https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3263/10/8/314.


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