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Archaeo-magnetic plans of the Pre-cucuteni and Cucuteni A-B settlements Baia-În Muchie and Adâncata-Dealul Lipovanului, Suceava County, Bucovina, Eastern Romania

 Geomagnetic research and drillings provide new results regarding settlement organisation and population size of three small settlements from the Pre-Cucuteni and the Cucuteni A-B period of Suceava County in Romanian Bucovina. In these settlements from different stages of the Cucuteni-Tripolye complex, domestic dwellings can be distinguished from clearly oversized (special?) buildings, which are situated in central locations and sometimes contain special inventories. Different principles of settlement organisation are visible, which each show far-reaching references to the Central Balkans, on the one hand, and the Bug-Dnieper interfluve on the other hand. Based on analogies with other Cucuteni-Tripolye sites, consistent populations with less than 200 inhabitants are reconstructed.



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