Supplemental material to 'Video aided extinction measurement: A competitive method for dust density diagnostics'

Institute of Applied and Experimental Physics, Kiel University
Petersen, Andreas

In the following a set of experimental data (excerpt) of a monitored a:C-H nanoparticle growth cycle in a low temperature, capacitively coupled argon discharge is provided . This is a demonstration of the 'Video aided extinction measurement'. MATLAB analysis scripts can be used, to calculate particle densities. The resulting images are packaged into videos and display particle density and uncertainty in different ways.

shows the density with fixed axis limits and one example of a low pass filtering approach is given in . Because displaying fixed axis limits leads to limited color resolution, contains the same data, but rescales the colorbar while the overall density changes. This gives a better understanding of the relative local density variation.

finally shows an estimate of the time and spatially resolved uncertainty of the method, calculated from the experimental data. As intensities are very low, the relative error is correspondingly very high (the axis \Delta nd / nd is capped at 2, which equals 200% uncertainty). For higher laser light extinction, the uncertainty of the data within the cloud approaches 25%, which is the limit due to uncertainty of the particle size measurement. Outside of the cloud the uncertainty stays high, because there are no particles to scatter light and provide a measureable signal.


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